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Notice of Our Prototype Store Closing 


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David Gates from the rock band Bread must have been thinking of Mall Stars when he penned those lyrics.

Mall Stars’ prototype store will be closing. But it doesn’t mean Mall Stars will be closing forever.

Mall Stars’ prototype store in the Montgomeryville Mall will be closing due to mall construction and traffic obstructions in getting to and from the mall. Because Mall Stars’ concept is so unique, we are looking for other venues to open new stores. Mall Stars does it all: if you need video for a birthday party or a business website, we’re the people who can get the job done. Our full-service studio is ready to prepare your 30-second video resume or your own web show. We just aren’t sure right now where the studio will be located.

Because Mall Stars is a video/website based business, our website will remain live. It is suggested that you download important videos to your home computer.

Check our website periodically to find out where we’ll be opening next. We plan to update the site with our progress.

Thanks for being loyal customers. We hope to see you soon.


The Good News, the Good News and the Pretty Good News

Mall Stars, the leader in the fields of website creation and videography, is expanding its online business. This will make it even easier for its customers to work with the founder, Larry Steinhouse, to create the most polished, professional websites, and the most creative videos for your fun occasions.

The prototype physical store, Mall Stars, originally housed in the Montgomery Mall, will close its doors.  With construction at the mall and on the nearby roads imminent and the increased online business, the need for the store waned.  However, Mall Stars is looking forward to opening other stores across the nation as we look for investors.

The website,
www.mallstars.com, will continue to be live. It is, however, suggested that if you have videos with Mall Stars, you download them to your computer.

Keep checking our website for exciting news. 

Please feel free to enter our normal website here.



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